CAD - Computer Aided Design


From small alterations of files to complete projects, and everything in between. With 15 years of experience and a Masters in Engineering, your design work is in safe hands.


CAD Skills Available

  • Producing/Altering solid and mesh 3D files (ipt, STEP, Catia, STL, OBJ, etc)
    • If a part has failed and you need a replacement, or you need a 3D file to produce the injection moulding tool, or you need some alterations to a part, simply send in the item and we can either use 3D scanning and post-process or replicate it using physical measurements.
  • Producing engineering drawings (dwg, DFX, pdf, etc)
    • Engineering drawings are the most commonly way to transfer part information and are often used for programming manufacturing equipment, such as laser/water cutters, lathes and milling machines. These technical documents are also handed to skilled engineers who are manufacturing by hand, for example by bending or welding.
  • Determine weights and volumes of components and assemblies
    • Once the files are created, we can assign a material to the object and accurately calculate weights and volumes. This is often used to calculate part costs for injection moulding or casting, or to determine if weight reduction is required. If the part or assembly needs to be lightened, the next step might be FEA.
  • FEA - Finite Element Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis is used to simulate an objects behaviour under given conditions. This can save time and money by eliminating the need of a prototype. The simulation also allows for easy examination to determine weak areas as well as highlighting areas under little or no load, allowing for possible material and therefore weight reduction.
  • Motion/Movement modelling - simulate mechanics of components
    • Once your CAD files are created or imported, we can constrain them and model their movement to show how the parts will function. This can be useful for presentations or even to see tolerance fits.