Laser Cutting

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Bending / Rolling
Press Fittings
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Solid State Laser - Sheet Metals
Mild Steel (up to 18mm)
Stainless Steel (up to 8mm)
Titanium (up to 6mm)
Aluminium (up to 6mm)
Copper (up to 5mm)
Brass (up to 5mm)
Gas Laser - Sheet Non-Metals
Acrylic (up to 20mm)
PET/PETG (up to 10mm)
Polycarbonate (up to 8mm)
Rubber (up to 6mm)
Silicone (up to 5mm)
Wood (up to 10mm)
Foam (up to 50mm)

If you don’t see a material you would like laser cutting please contact our team

Solid State / Fibre Laser Cutters

Gas / CO2 Laser Cutters